The right fit: Global Protection strives to make condom purchases as comfortable as possible

Jeff Garlow, senior director of retail and consumer sales at Global Protection, shares the company’s commitment to sexual health education and reducing stigma in purchasing condoms.

Since usage is something to be encouraged, condom purchasing shouldn’t leave people feeling ashamed at the checkout. And, of course, a comfortable fit is paramount to compliance.

Global Protection’s line of ONE Condoms provides options for those who come in all shapes and sizes. Drug Store News recently spoke with Jeff Garlow, senior director of retail and consumer sales, about innovations in the condom and lubricant categories.

“We’ll never stop developing new products that meet customer needs and encourage more people to engage in safer sex practices.”

Drug Store News: What is the future of sexual wellness products?
Jeff Garlow: Innovation is the future for sexual wellness. Our goal at Global Protection is to make condoms as socially acceptable as toothpaste and as second nature as putting on a seatbelt. We launch new products that address unmet consumer needs to enhance pleasure and encourage more usage. Condoms in general are a basic purchase primarily to reduce sexually transmitted infections and to prevent unintended pregnancy. We address all of those needs with our full line of ONE products available in a variety of thin, lubricated and textured styles. All ONE Condoms feature our proprietary Sensatex softer latex for a natural pleasure feeling. We also have our myONE Custom Fit brand that offers more than 50 condom sizes. Standard condoms on retail shelves today fit approximately 12% of condom users comfortably, according to our research. This means a large percentage of users purchase condoms that are too small or too large, but they may not realize there are options to address this. Lubricant usage continues to increase, and we are now launching items that address menopause and vaginal dryness.

DSN: What are you seeing consumers asking for, based on the company’s online sales?
JG: Our consumers are asking for thin and textured condoms, but also size variations are a large percentage of our requests for condoms. We currently have more than 50 condom sizes available on, and we’ve developed a reduced set of the most popular sizes for brick-and-mortar. We offer every size from shorter/snugger to longer/wider and everything in between. You can go to and get your free measuring kit to determine the right custom fit for you.

DSN: Does the company have any new innovations being released into the marketplace?  
JG: We have a very robust innovation pipeline and really take pride in our R&D efforts to provide consumers with products they need and desire. We’ll be launching exciting products with completely new patented materials and non-latex options. All of this is still locked up in our secret R&D vault, so be on the lookout for exciting news coming soon!

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DSN:What is next for your business in the years ahead?  
JG: We’re excited to bring the myONE Custom Fit range of condoms into brick-and-mortar and continue to launch new innovative condom materials into the market. We’ll never stop developing new products that meet customer needs and encourage more people to engage in safer sex practices. We’re also working with our retail partners to develop new private label lubricants. 

As the leading supplier of condoms to the public health market, we also remain committed to sexual health education and reducing stigma. Most recently, our ONE and myONE Custom Fit condoms became the first brands ever approved by the FDA for anal sex. The FDA authorization was granted based on a clinical trial conducted by the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University in partnership with Global Protection. The study found ONE and myONE Custom Fit condoms used during anal sex failed less than 1% of the time. The condom styles that were tested in the clinical trial are ONE Vanish, ONE Super Sensitive and myONE Custom Fit. As of February 2022, the FDA approved these condoms as the first brands ever to be labeled safe and effective for anal sex. The condoms are also still approved for vaginal sex.

Jeff Garlow, senior director of retail and consumer sales, Global Protection
Jeff Garlow, senior director of retail and consumer sales, Global Protection