Rush, higi to extend healthcare services across Chicago

Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Higi, a consumer health technology company, is expanding its partnership with Rush University System for Health to support health education and access to healthcare services across Chicago.

Rush will be able to use higi’s network of Smart Health Stations located at Mariano’s, Jewel and Meijer stores across the city as a new point of access to care for existing and prospective patients.

“Our partnership with higi creates a new way for consumers to gain an understanding of how Rush can help them meet their health goals, especially if they aren’t quite sure where to begin,” Rush CEO, Ranga Krishnan said. “Higi’s latest offerings will allow us to better understand the health status of our community members so we can anticipate and meet their health needs. As our partnership and programs evolve, we’ll offer more tailored programs and content that further engage consumers in their health, navigating them to the resources within Rush that will support their long-term well-being.”

This partnership builds on a longstanding relationship between the two organizations, with Rush now leveraging higi’s latest technology to engage with consumers at convenient grocery and pharmacy locations, as well as digitally, through web and mobile devices. Across stations included in the partnership, the Rush brand will be featured prominently, providing additional exposure to the brand across Chicago and furthering the organization’s reputation as a health leader in the market.

Higi Smart Health Stations enable consumers to measure, track and act on their health data, including self-service measurement of blood pressure, pulse, weight, BMI and to assess their risk for the development of type 2 diabetes. They also provide education content and connect users to the care resources that matter to them, based on identified health issues and needs including finding a primary care doctor.

“We see so much potential in our partnership with Rush and are incredibly excited for this next phase of the partnership to begin,” higi CEO, Jeff Bennett said. “Together, we’ll be able to make a true impact on the health of Chicagoans by identifying issues earlier and getting them to the care they need, be it at their local pharmacy or with a physician at Rush.”