Southeastern Grocers to support American Heart Association via fundraising campaign

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With May being National Blood Pressure Education and National Stroke Awareness Month, Southeastern Grocers has decided to find a way to bring these issues front and center.

The retailer announced that to do just that, it will support the American Heart Association’s efforts to combat heart disease and stroke through the “Life Is Why” fundraising campaign.

Until May 18, shoppers at the retailer’s Fresco y Más, Harveys Supermarket and Winn-Dixie banners will be able to round up their purchases at checkout, with each cent being raised donated to the organization.

“The health and well-being of our communities are our highest priorities, especially as the ongoing pandemic continues to impact our associates and customers where they work, shop and live each day. We are proud to continue our long-standing collaboration with the American Heart Association for National Blood Pressure Education and National Stroke Awareness Month to support and educate our customers on the importance of heart and brain health,” Elizabeth Thompson, executive vice president and chief people officer of Southeastern Grocers, said. “We encourage our customers to round up their grocery bills at checkout to help fund vital education, research and programs in their local communities and continue the fight against heart disease and stroke so they can experience more of life’s precious moments with their loved ones.”

Through the “Life Is Why” campaign, Southeastern Grocers looks to amplify, educate and inspire consumers to live healthier and longer lives through giving, as well as empower shoppers to take control of their health and increase awareness about heart disease and stroke.

“We are grateful for Southeastern Grocers continued support of the American Heart Association’s Life Is Why campaign. Our work would not be possible without generous supporters like their customers and team members,” Jeremy Beauchamp, executive vice president for the southeast American Heart Association, said. “These donations fund important research, education and community programs that are creating a world of longer and healthier lives.”