URAC launches Small Mail Service Pharmacy accreditation

Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Accreditation organization URAC is expanded its offerings for pharmacies offering mail-order pharmacy services on a small scale. The organization's new Small Mail Service Pharmacy accreditation is designed to allow these organizations to earn accreditation by demonstrating their quality and commitment to outstanding patient outcomes.

URAC noted that its accreditation helps to improve the quality of health care and management delivered by pharmacies of all sizes and acts as a key differentiator and independent validation of quality. The new offering joins the already-existing Small Specialty Pharmacy Offering, which URAC successfully launched in 2019.

URAC also said that because many Americans are served by these smaller organizations, price should never be a factor in whether an organization aims to improve quality through pursuing accreditation. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, mail service pharmacies play an increasingly vital and growing role in health care as more Americans are having their medication shipped to them. 

Given these factors and that many health care organizations throughout the ecosystem have faced significant fiscal challenges during the pandemic, URAC said it would reduce the price of their accreditation to ensure that cost is not a barrier to improving health outcomes. 

“These times are particularly difficult and health care has been especially challenging during the pandemic,” said Shawn Griffin, URAC president and CEO. "URAC aims to be part of the solution for health care quality in this uncertain time and beyond. “We want to help health care organizations make the best decisions to improve their quality and knowing we can make the accreditation decision easier for them by offering this new lower pricing, we are happy to do so.”