AAM supports Biden admin’s 100-day supply chain review

The Association for Accessible Medicines said its members are ready to partner with the government to ensure that the generic supply chain remains strong.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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The Association for Accessible Medicines is voicing support for the Biden administration’s actions following a 100-day review of critical supply chains, which included the pharmaceutical and active pharmaceutical ingredient supply chains.

The Biden administration released the findings today, which highlighted vulnerabilities and made a series of recommendations to strengthen U.S. supply chains and boost American manufacturing.

"For too many years we've let our production capacity for critical goods migrate overseas, rather than making investments to support U.S. manufacturing and U.S. workers," said a senior administration official.

President Biden signed an executive order in February, ordering a 100-day review of the nation's supply chains for semiconductors, advanced batteries, pharmaceuticals and critical minerals.

President Biden will direct federal agencies to shore up production and delivery of pharmaceuticals, computer chips, advanced batteries and critical minerals after completing reviews of their supply chains. The actions include a $60 million investment in research for advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing through the Department of Health and Human Services.

“The Biden-Harris administration has produced a thoughtful plan to strengthen the security of the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain that recognizes the importance of engaging with our allies and creating the incentives necessary to encourage additional production of essential medicines here in the United States,” said AAM president and CEO Dan Leonard.

Leonard continued, “AAM and our member companies are ready to partner with the Biden-Harris administration to ensure that the generic supply chain, which performed exceptionally well since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, is further strengthened. We believe that with the right conditions and incentives in place, the United States can play a larger role in the global production of essential medicines.”

In April 2020, AAM released a comprehensive set of recommendations on how to enhance the security of the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain. AAM’s blueprint includes a six-element framework that lays out concrete actions to ensure that U.S. patients and the healthcare system have access to a secure and consistent supply of essential medicines.