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Retail health care & wellness

In the past several years, retailers have been moving toward a business model geared toward health and wellness services that include and go beyond pharmacy to retail clinics and such other consumer-facing initiatives as health and wellness programs.This shift is the result of a convergence of diff

Why pharmacy needs to go mobile — today
Today’s pharmacy is so unlike that of past generations that it might as well be an entirely new profession.

Free Research for Walgreens Suppliers
Get the latest information on their new In-Home Shopper Marketing strategy!
Walgreens has introduced a new Supplier Advertising network
that targets and reaches affluent shopper households around each store.

Its new In-Home Shopper Marketin

Thank you for your interest in the "6 Ways to Improve Health Care Operations with Business Rules Management" white paper.

As the massive changes wrought by the Affordable Care Act reach a crescendo in early 2014, who are Americans turning to for help navigating the complexities of a health system in transformation?

For millions, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines are accessible, proven and effective forms of treatment, acting as first-lines of defense in combating a variety of ailments and/or nutritional deficiencies.

Sales of vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) have been steadily increasing since 2008, making the category by far the largest in the OTC (over-the-counter) healthcare market.

The $2 billion-plus dietary supplement category is a big business and a major driver of traffic to retail pharmacy.DSNpartnered with Field Agent — which provides business information and consumer insights by leveraging traditional methodologies and new, cutting-edge crowd-sourcing and mobile techno

Immunity boosters and hand sanitizer are on most back-to-school shopping lists as consumers prepare their families for the inevitable sniffles, sneezes and coughs associated with the cold and flu season.

As many as 39% of Americans feel restless when they sleep at least once or twice every week, and 27.5% feel restless at least three or four nights each week, according to a survey conducted in May by Field Agent on behalf of Drug Store News.

The digital era has transformed the way work is done—and the way employees learn. Yet traditional methods of learning and development (L&D) have lagged behind.

Only 18% of Americans were very likely or completely likely to post their latest ailment on social media, but for those who did post, 40% of their friends were quick to make an over-the-counter recommendation, according to a survey conducted in July by Field Agent on behalf of Drug Store News.

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