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Missouri enacts legislation to help prevent opioid abuse

Efforts to help prevent opioid abuse led by the Missouri Pharmacy Association, the Missouri Retailers Association, Missouri state legislators, Gov. Mike Parson, and Sen. David Sater, R have culminated in the enactment of SB 826.

The legislation includes pro-patient, pro-pharmacy, and pro-public-health provisions that industry groups said advance pharmacy scope of practice, enhances patient access to care and contributes solutions to the opioid abuse epidemic.

The provisions, which were backed by the National Association of Chain Drug Stores included in the legislation will enable children 7 years old and older to access vaccinations in community pharmacies (down from age 12 years old previously).

The law also addresses opioid concerns by limiting opioid prescriptions to seven days for acute pain (with exceptions) and enabling community pharmacies to voluntarily take back medicines in accordance with federal law.

“With the enactment of these programs, Gov. Parson and Sen. Sater have taken significant action to curb the opioid abuse crisis,” NACDS president and CEO Steve Anderson said.

“NACDS is grateful to the Missouri Pharmacy Association — especially CEO Ron Fitzwater — for its leadership on these landmark legislative achievements, in addition to the Missouri Retailers Association, and NACDS-member pharmacies in Missouri for sharing their firsthand experiences with lawmakers from their vantage point on the frontlines of healthcare delivery.”

NACDS also credited Rep. Lynn Morris, R, House sponsor of the bill; Rep. Robert Ross, R, the House bill handler; Rep. Mike Stephens, R; and Rep. Travis Fitzwater, R.
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