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Albertsons accepting supplemental health benefits for fresh food, wellness purchases

Customers who use pre-paid cards funded by Medicare Advantage plans, employer incentives, healthcare providers or local government can use these benefits to purchase over-the-counter medications and fresh produce.

Albertsons customers who receive supplemental benefits are now able to use these methods of payment on purchases of over-the-counter medications and fresh produce in its stores.

The retailer announced that the new program provides access to these items for customers who are currently using pre-paid cards funded by Medicare Advantage plans, employer incentives, healthcare providers or local government.

In addition, through this incentive, the Boise-based retailer is able to further its commitment to supporting the health and well-being of the communities it serves.

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“We are committed to offering solutions that deliver access to healthy produce and meals, reduce food insecurity and provide solutions for chronic condition management,” said Omer Gajial, executive vice president of pharmacy and health at Albertsons. “Using supplemental benefits enables shoppers to conveniently shop for fresh food and over-the-counter medications contributing to their overall health and well-being.”

To make this program a reality, Albertsons partnered with technology platforms including Solutran’s S3 to make it convenient for eligible cardholders to use their health plan funds to shop for fresh produce and over-the-counter products in its stores, the company said.

“Albertsons stores are a very popular shopping destination for millions of Medicare Advantage members using the Solutran S3 benefits platform,” said Mike Rahman, president of Solutran. “This year, the platform will issue approximately $5 billion in food and over-the-counter benefits.”

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Albertsons also accepts Fresh Bucks, a local government supplemental program that is supported by S3, and launched in Seattle to help customers afford fruits and vegetables.

The company has plans to work on expanding programs such as these to additional stores, the retailer said.

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