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News and information on allergy care products, merchandising and trends in retail pharmacies.

Marie Originals expands distribution

Marie Originals’ itch and rash relief soap will be stocked at a leading drug chain starting in January.

Eosera introduces Earbud Cleaning Kit

The Fort Worth, Texas-based company has rolled out its Earbud Cleaning Kit meant to sanitize and clean earbuds and AirPods.

The testing, conducted in separate studies at Utah State University and the University of Geneva in Switzerland, found the grapefruit seed extract used in Xlear Nasal Spray has potent virucidal activity against the virus.

Optase dry eye products, available at H-E-B, include the Moist Heat Mask, Tea Tree Oil Lid Wipes and Dry Eye Intense Drops.

Read about the five products Hamacher Resource Group's new product team identified as standouts in April.

Quest Products is introducing breatheWell, a nasal filter designed for people interested in protection against the smallest of airborne particles and pollutants.

Two versions of the former prescription-only product now are available over-the-counter following Food and Drug Administration approval for OTC sale. 

Sinol-D is an all-natural decongestant nasal spray that the company said can be used daily. 

AllerPops aims to correct the underlying cause of allergies instead of masking the symptoms, the company said.

WASHINGTON – The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American on Thursday released its top 100 list of Spring Allergy Capitals, naming Jackson, Miss. as the leading Allergy Capital in the U.S.

According to ECRM’s analysis of circular retail promotions for allergy, Chattem emerged as the leading advertiser of allergy remedies with a 26.8% share of U.S. retail ad support, an increase of 4% over their 2014 promotion share.

Optics Laboratory recently kicked off a new consumer campaign in support of its OcuFresh Eye Wash product. The product, which helps flush eye irritants like pollen, dust and smoke without perservatives, will be featured across the “Mommy Blog” circuit.

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