AmerisourceBergen Foundation awards grants to more than 25 organizations

Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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The AmerisourceBergen Foundation, an independent not-for-profit charitable giving organization dedicated to supporting health-related causes, is increasing its commitment to support prescription drug safety and mental health initiatives.

The foundation has presented more than 25 organizations with grants, as part of the Opioid Resource Grant program. Reviewed by the two External Advisory committees, the grants were awarded to organizations focused on youth and family education; provider support; and community-based learning development.

“Our most complex and pressing community health challenges require solutions that are as multi-faceted as they are. At the Foundation, we believe we must provide our youth and families, providers and communities at-large with the resources needed to engage collectively in prescription drug safety and promoting mental health,” Gina Clark, AmerisourceBergen Foundation president said. “Working strategically with partners who are embedded in these communities — many of whom we’ve collaborated with for several years and who each have their own focus — allows us to leverage our unique resources to create the greatest potential impact, whether through research-informed best practices, programming or education.”

Integrating youth prescription drug safety resources with services dedicated to educating parents and families aids in mitigating risk factors that typically expose youth to hazardous behaviors. Several grants were given to organizations focused on providing youth and families with an understanding of addiction risks and the importance of creating a supportive learning environment. Through various educational programming, youth and families will develop knowledge on safe storage and disposal of opioid medications and addiction prevention. To further the Foundation’s belief in sustaining early intervention programs for youth and families, the initiatives chosen will also highlight the importance of caring for mental health. Selected returning organizations include Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America; Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities; and National Recreation & Park Association.

The Foundation also awarded grants to organizations committed to educating adults and caregivers who work with adolescents around prevention and intervention. Funding will support initiatives and evidence-based curriculums that teach parents how to set loving boundaries and peer-to-peer support from their communities who understand their challenges. Through a strong infrastructure of research, data analysis and more, the grants will provide capacity building and educational resources to at-risk communities. Two examples of new grant recipients who are focused on laying a strong foundation through education and empowering adults who work with adolescents to provide primary prevention include: Addiction Policy Partnership, and Parents of Addicted Loved Ones.

With the continued emphasis on community-level education programs, AmerisourceBergen has chosen partners who will focus on both preventative interventions and support for those suffering or recovering from Opioid Use Disorder. Some of the programs include drug take-back events to build knowledge of safe disposal; public education campaigns to reduce stigma and encourage those in need to seek help; programming for at-risk seniors; as well as, social services in collaboration with corporate partners, criminal justice, and faith-based organizations. Returning organizations include Urban Affairs Coalition, and United Ways of Tennessee.

This marks the Foundation’s fourth giving cycle since it launched the Opioid Resource Grant program. The program builds on the ongoing responsibilities of the Foundation to support and advance ideas from innovative non-profit, grant-funded organizations. In an effort to redefine best practices in the fight against the opioid epidemic, the grant program underscores the importance of a multi-pronged approach to bolster prescription drug safety and mental health across communities nationwide.