Amneal launches 3 generics

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Amneal launches 3 generics

By Sandra Levy - 12/03/2019

Amneal has received the Food and Drug Administration’s clearance for three generics that it is introducing immediately. The company received approval for its generic of Revatio for oral suspension (sildenafil citrate 10 mg/ml), a generic of Amicar (aminocaproic acid tablets 500 mg) and a the first generic of Carafate (sucralfate oral suspension, 1 g/10 m).

“We are pleased to bring these important medications to patients and healthcare providers,” said Chintu Patel, Amneal Co-CEO. “Our large and diverse pipeline has now delivered 36 new generic products to the market in 2019 across numerous dosage forms.”

Sildenafil citrate oral suspension 10 mg/ml and aminocaproic acid 500 mg tablets had a market value of roughly $180 million and $23 million, respectively, for the 12 months ended Sept. 30, 2019, according to IQVIA.

Amneal's co-CEOs, Chirag Patel and Chintu Patel, noted that the launch of its Carafate generic marks the first of 15 complex products it is expecting to launch in the next 18 to 24 months. 

“Developing the first generic version of a drug involves significant technical complexity, and this approval underscores Amneal’s ability to set itself apart," they said. "We remain excited about the additional, high-value opportunities in our pipeline and are committed to delivering affordable generic products to our patients. With a diverse and strong generics and specialty portfolio, along with our commitment to operational excellence, we expect to return to growth and drive meaningful value for stakeholders in 2020 and beyond.”

Sucralfate oral suspension had a market value of approximately $285 million for the 12 months ended Oct. 31, 2019, according to IQVIA.

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