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Aurobindo Pharma continues injectable business restructuring

Aurobindo is consolidating all of its injectable business and related assets under its subsidiary Eugia Pharma.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Aurobindo Pharma announced that it is transferring its Unit-4 (injectable and ophthalmic) to its wholly-owned Eugia Pharma Specialities subsidiary and has fixed the consideration for the transfer of its Unit-10 (oral formulations plant) to APL Healthcare.

Aurobindo has roughly $400 million of generic injectables, and $95 million of oncology branded injectables.

Aurobindo previously transferred other injectable units like Auronext, Unit-16 and AuroCure to Eugia, which manufactures oncology and hormones - orals & injectables.

The move, which completes consolidation of all injectable business and related assets under Eugia, will lead to an enhanced focus on the injectable business, bring in more value for flexibility for unlocking opportunities in the future, and help with greater operational efficiencies, according to analysts.