Best Buy to sell Dexcom continuous glucose monitoring systems

This marks the first time Best Buy will offer prescription-based medical devices.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor

Best Buy is set to offer a convenient way for eligible customers to get prescription continuous glucose monitoring systems delivered right to their home.

Facilitated by Wheel, a leading virtual care platform focused on delivering consumer-centric care and HealthDyne, a pharmacy technology provider, Best Buy will sell the Dexcom G7 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System to eligible customers through, where they will be brought to Best Buy's new platform, to complete the process. Leveraging the Salesforce platform, Best Buy is selling glucose monitors via a site powered by Commerce Cloud.

"The CDC reports that more than 10% of the U.S. population has diabetes. With the demand for CGM growing over the past few years, using devices like Dexcom G7, means no fingersticks, real-time glucose monitoring and the ability to make smarter decisions about controlling diabetes," the company said.

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"Through our health and wellness categories at Best Buy, we make it easy to purchase any of our thousands of carefully curated technology products that help you stay healthy throughout every stage of your life. And with the new CGM offering, we’re making the process of purchasing a CGM easier, too. The expansion also aligns perfectly with the goal of Best Buy Health to enable care at home for everyone by relying on partners to provide care for patients while sticking to what we do best, providing technology and expertise that enriches and saves lives," the company said.

Once available, customers looking for Dexcom G7 can find it on, where they will be brought to its new platform by clicking “Get Started,” or can visit to begin the process with Wheel and determine eligibility. If approved, the prescription will then be processed by HealthDyne and the device will be sent to your home.

Best Buy noted that although not available at launch, the company's goal is to soon allow those with an existing CGM prescription from their own physician to be able to upload that prescription into their profile and have the device sent to them. 

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Best Buy also shared that it will not be able to accept insurance payment for CGM systems at launch; customers with HSA/FSA/HRA funds may be able to be reimbursed for their purchase.

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