Beurer debuts new line of blood pressure monitors at Walmart

Beurer is partnering with the retailer to ensure customers have access to devices that keep their hearts healthy.

In honor of American Heart Health Month this February, Beurer is partnering with Walmart to ensure customers have access to devices that keep their hearts healthy. 

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, this month of awareness was created to encourage Americans to take action and protect themselves against heart disease. As one of the digital medical device brands, Beurer is committed to the same. Its digital blood pressure monitors at Walmart offer connectivity and proactive heart health management this, and every other month, of the year.

Britta Dittrich, president of Beurer North America, said, “Our advanced digital blood pressure monitors offer accurate, effortless tracking of key health indicators. This aligns with our commitment to enhancing life quality, allowing individuals to live fully with reduced stress. Our partnership with Walmart amplifies this vital message for improved heart health awareness.”

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Beurer’s latest Blood Pressure Monitors include clinically proven devices, offering precise measurements and connectivity for continuous health management, per the brand. These monitors cater to various causes of increased blood pressure, such as aging, lifestyle factors or health conditions, bridging the gap between medical visits with clinical-grade monitoring.

Keep hearts safe and healthy with Beurer's new line of blood pressure monitors, now available at Walmart.

  • Auto 400 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor: Forbes’ “Best Blood Pressure Monitors of 2023” recipient, this device delivers clinical precision for home monitoring. It features irregular heartbeat detection, a cuff position indicator, and stores up to 60 readings.
  • Deluxe 600 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth: This Bluetooth-enabled monitor has a backlit display and World Health Organization risk indicator scale, storing 180 readings for two users. Ensuring accuracy with cuff positioning and a patented resting indicator.
  • Premium 800 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth and Talking Function: Combines an LCD display and color-coded WHO risk indicator scale with Bluetooth, supporting 240 readings for two users. This device also features a bilingual talking function in English and Spanish.
  • Premium 800W Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth: Ensures clinical accuracy with one-button operation and an adjustable cuff. It syncs up to 120 readings and features a WHO risk indicator.

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In addition, Beurer offers a host of resources to keep shopper's heart healthy, including an educational page that provides information on how to read your blood pressure results on the monitors and what all those numbers mean, what causes high blood pressure and more.

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