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Blue Echo Care, Hisamitsu impress at ECRM’s Health Care session

Blue Echo Care won the Drug Store News Buyers’ Choice Award and Hisamitsu was a finalist at ECRM’s Health Care session.

Blue Echo Care won the Drug Store News Buyers’ Choice Award for its Cleanse Right At-Home Ear Wax Removal Spiral during ECRM’s Health Care session held this month. Hisamitsu was a finalist for its Salonpas Lidocaine Flex Patch.

The products were selected from dozens of entries submitted by participating suppliers. Buyers were able to evaluate each entry and cast their votes based on product packaging and innovation via the Drug Store News-branded Buyers Choice Awards section of the ECRM Connect platform.

“Addressing unique consumer needs is the hallmark of innovative brands, and both Buyers Choice Award winners accomplish this,” said Craig Chmielowicz, senior vice president of health and beauty care for ECRM. “One provides a safe alternative for removing ear wax, while the other developed a pain patch that stays put regardless of how much you move. Congratulations to both winners.”

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Blue Echo Care

Blue Echo Care, the creators of the Cleanse Right brand of ear wax removers, specializes in safe, affordable, American-made, at-home Healthcare products. With 12 million Americans visiting the hospital every year to remove ear wax blockages, it's the mission of Blue Echo Care to normalize the conversation around at-home health care, particularly when it comes to ear wax.

The brand’s Cleanse Right At-Home Ear Wax Removal Spiral is for daily use in removing ear wax and a safe alternative to cotton swabs. Users simply insert the soft, spiral silicone tip into the ear and turn clockwise.

The products are sold as a part of two different kits that include carbamide peroxide ear drops and irrigation devices, both of which have proven efficacy in removing ear wax blockages, according to the company.

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Salonpas Lidocaine Flex Patch

The Salonpas brand of topical pain medication is sold in the U.S. by Hisamitsu America. Hisamitsu is a Japanese pharmaceutical company that was founded in 1847, and operations in the U.S. market began in 1987. The Salonpas brand is recognized by Euromonitor as the “World's No. 1 OTC Topical Analgesic Patch Brand” and the “No. 1 Doctor Recommended OTC Pain Relief Patches,” based on IQVIA Pro Voice survey data.

The Salonpas Lidocaine Flex Patch was developed to address the need for a lidocaine patch that was designed to move, bend and flex with the contours of the body and not fall off.

The product provides the maximum OTC strength of lidocaine 4% in a stretchable, thin fabric which provides the strong adhesion needed to stay in place.

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