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Boots partners with RangeMe to strengthen its range of diverse brands

Boots' new partnership with RangeMe sourcing platform provides new, emerging and diverse brands with increased access to Boots’ buying teams, the company said.

Boots is partnering with RangeMe, a product discovery, sourcing and purchasing platform, to expand the number of new and diverse suppliers it works with on a goods-for-resale basis both in-store and online.

With over 200,000 suppliers already registered on the platform, Boots hopes that the RangeMe partnership will be a portal to working with the very best new and emerging brands. This will strengthen Boots’ commitment to working with a broad range of suppliers, including SMEs and diverse businesses, and to support a fair and equal chance to compete for opportunities.

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"Our partnership with RangeMe will create a direct route for interesting and innovative brands to reach and pitch to our buying team, that cater to our diverse customer base and local communities," said Steve Ager, chief customer and category officer at Boots. "We introduced hundreds of new product brands last year, and we’ve seen many interesting start-ups launch post-pandemic. We’re looking forward to being able to support these businesses in their success by offering a new way for our buyers to discover them.”

RangeMe helps retailers and their buying teams scale product sourcing efforts with streamlined submissions, simplified discovery tools and the industry standard digital sell sheet. Buyers can filter searches to find brands and products meeting exact sourcing needs, connect and collaborate with suppliers and access curated collections to help identify and understand category trends and emerging brands.

“Boots is an iconic British retailer and we welcome it to our community of top retailers from around the world to transform their product sourcing experience," said Nicky Jackson, CEO of RangeMe. "This is also an extraordinary opportunity for suppliers around the world to connect directly with Boots buyers and showcase their products. Our mission has always been to empower retailers and suppliers to be productive and successful whatever their objective. The platform offers retailers hyper-local choices as well as innovative global options. We exist to help them offer their customers an extraordinary experience.”

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This announcement follows the news of a new global partnership between RangeMe and WBA Global Sourcing, part of Walgreens Boots Alliance, to expand its owned brand portfolio of products at Walgreens, Boots and No7 Beauty.

Brands interested in submitting their products to Boots RangeMe or finding out more about becoming a Boots supplier can visit here.

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