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Cardinal Health launches NavixRx Compliance Packaging, E-Commerce Storefront at RBC

Cardinal Health unveiled two new digital offerings that are focused on helping independent pharmacies expand services and improve healthcare outcomes.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Cardinal Health on Thursday unveiled two new innovative solutions — Cardinal Health NavixRx Compliance Packaging — as part of its annual Retail Business Conference. The company said the solutions are designed to help independent pharmacies meet changing consumer expectations and offer personalized and convenient on-demand services.

NavixRx Compliance Packaging provides independent pharmacies a solution to outsource compliance packaging for patients taking two or more prescriptions daily. Compliance packaging increases medication adherence – and thereby improves health outcomes – for patients on complicated medication regimens by putting the medications together into daily strip packs, Cardinal Health said.

“It can take up to 25 minutes to fill a compliance package by hand and machines that automate the process can cost more than $250,000,” said Debbie Weitzman, president, Pharmaceutical Distribution and The Medicine Shoppe International at Cardinal Health. “NavixRx Compliance Packaging allows pharmacists to outsource the most expensive and time-consuming aspects of compliance packaging so they can spend more time with their patients.”

Pharmacists send prescriptions to the Cardinal Health fulfillment center, in Lewisville, Texas, where a team of on-site pharmacists uses a central fill model to compliantly package prescriptions, by the dose, into a 30-day supply of strip packs. OTC medications and vitamins can be added to the daily strip packs with the prescriptions. Multiple quality checks, including digital imaging, are performed at the Cardinal Health fulfillment center to confirm the contents of every package before sending the compliance strips back to the pharmacy for delivery to the patient.

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NavixRx Compliance Packaging digitally integrates with the pharmacist’s Pharmacy Management System to ensure consistency and safety.

NavixRx Compliance Packaging is fully operational in Lewisville with proximity to a Cardinal Health distribution center and the Dallas Fort Worth and Alliance airports, providing supply and logistical advantages for service to pharmacies nationwide.

Cardinal Health's second new offering, E-Commerce Storefront, is a digital platform that independent pharmacies can leverage to expand online shopping capabilities for patients by offering more than 11,000 over-the-counter products.

“Over the past year, we have seen an increase in online shopping, even for consumable goods, like groceries, that were previously purchased in person,” Weitzman said. “While customers have on-demand expectations that come with virtual shopping, they also want the personal, high-value relationship that their local pharmacist can provide. E-Commerce Storefront helps the pharmacist meet the changing expectations of consumers while continuing to provide personalized care in their community.”

The E-Commerce Storefront website is a cloud-based solution that integrates into the independent pharmacy’s existing website and provides a streamlined dashboard to reconcile orders. Available over-the-counter products are automatically processed through the pharmacy’s distribution center with their standard shipment. E-Commerce Storefront offers next-day delivery from the Cardinal Health warehouse to the pharmacy, along with marketing support from Cardinal Health.

“Cardinal Health is working to drive innovative solutions that position independent pharmacies for a strong future while maintaining critical relationships with their patients to support medication adherence and improved healthcare outcomes,” Weitzman said.