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Cardinal Health launches new Medicare Part B billing solution

Cardinal Health launched a Medicare Part B billing solution, which helps improve operational efficiency by consolidating Medicare Part B reconciliation into one platform, at Cardinal Health RBC 2018.

“We’re giving our customers a solution that allows them to bill and reconcile Part B claims within their existing reconciliation platform,” Amy Hughes, senior manager, Product and Solutions Marketing at Cardinal Health, told Drug Store News. “They can reconcile their Part B claims and all of their other pharmacy claims in one integrated portal. They don’t have to log into our [reconciliation] tool to look at all of their pharmacy claims and then spend additional time trying to look at and manage their Part B claims.”

Medicare Part B billing incorporates a broad swath of services and products that pharmacists provide, including immunizations, ostomy products, nebulizers, diabetic supplies and durable medical equipment.

In fact, the ability to adjudicate a Part B claim may help lay the groundwork for additional patient care services as provider status takes effect at the state level, Hughes added. “Right now, we’re laying the foundation with this Part B [solution],” she said. “It gives pharmacists a way to bill for claims that fall under a medical benefit. [Pharmacists] will eventually be able to bill for more services as pharmacists continue to practice at the top of their license, providing more clinical care.”

The new fee-based billing solution addresses a significant issue for independent pharmacists, Hughes said. “That’s a pain point for them today, having to [reconcile] in two different places and not having visibility to everything in one place,” she said.

The new program also represents a first-of-its-kind solution, Hughes added. “There are other solutions on the market that allow pharmacists to bill Part B. What differentiates us is we’ve pulled it into one platform,” she said. “From a reconciliation standpoint, we’re the first PSAO to do this. It’s something we’re really proud of.”

To date there has been a lot of positive feedback over the new solution, Hughes noted, including the ability to conduct an eligibility check prior to filing a claim and the overall visibility of claims that are associated with the tool, including what the pharmacists have reported and the status of each claim.

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