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ChomChom launches new pet hair removal roller

For those who are tired of having to clean pet hair off any visible surface, ChomChom may have the answer to their worries.

The Bellevue, Wash.-based company, which previously launched a pet hair removal roller, has unveiled its latest innovation in the category — an extra-large format for consumers to use.

“The technology behind the ChomChom Rollers allows pet owners to remove dog hair and cat hair quickly without using sticky tapes, vacuum cleaners, or any power source,” Aaron Muller, CEO of ChomChom, said. “People loved the handheld ChomChom Roller, but they wanted something for the floor. After numerous requests, I decided to put our roller on a long broom handle, creating a lightweight solution for people to remove pet hair from rugs, carpets and carpeted stairs easily without using a heavy vacuum cleaner.”

Developed as an eco-friendly product, the rollers are 100% reusable and require no power source or sticky tape, the company said.

Available in an extra-large size, which contains a long broom handle, it retails for $34.95 and can be found on Amazon.
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