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Hallmark’s Free Card Friday campaign reaches milestone

Hallmark has reached a major milestone in its Free Card Friday campaign.

The Kansas City, Mo.-based company announced that more than one million cards have now been picked up from its Gold Crown stores.

The campaign invites consumers to visit their local Hallmark Gold Crown store on Fridays and select a complimentary card from the Just Because line to send in an act of kindness, the company said.

“The success of our new Just Because card line and Free Card Friday validates the huge impact that the simple act of capturing your feelings within a greeting card can have on relationships," Lindsey Roy, chief marketing officer of Hallmark Greetings, said. “We're in the caring business, so whenever we're able to see a program perform so well, we're encouraged by the fact that it's about so much more than numbers — it's really about the connections and relationships that Hallmark cards help to strengthen.”

Originally slated to end on July 27, the company decided to extend Free Card Friday through Aug. 31. The Just Because collection features over 130 cards in categories that include friendship, love, thank you, encouragement, thinking of you, congrats and get well, and are priced at $2.99 each.

“The teams behind our Gold Crown stores passionately believe in helping put more care in the world and we've loved seeing new faces come in every Friday with a desire to do just that,” Jennifer Seyller, general manager and vice president of Hallmark Retail, said. “With the campaign continuing through the end of August, each week provides a new chance for consumers to stop by a Hallmark Gold Crown store, pick a card and put their feelings into words.”
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