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Method brings new meaning to cleaning

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Method is ushering in a new era of clean.

The San Francisco-based company, known for its planet-friendly home and personal care products, has unveiled a new campaign.

Titled “There’s Good Inside,” the movement highlights the positives of the brand’s products and its soap factory in Chicago. Music from The Proclaimers brings the campaign to life, which centers around the notion of most people not believing that cleaning can be fun, creative and connected to consumers values, the company said.

“When people think of method, they often think of our beautiful designs and wonderful fragrances, but there's so much more depth to the brand,” Doug Piwinski, method's global chief marketing officer, said. “This campaign is meant to draw attention to the beauty of what's inside our bottles–not only how our products are made and who makes them–but ultimately how we are connected to the homes and people who use and love method. We're reminding everyone we can all be planet, people and pet-friendly, and look good doing so.”

The brand looked to creative agency Mekanism and its employees to play a starring role in the campaign, which takes place inside the company’s factory. Known as the South Side Soapbox, the location is the first-ever LEED Platinum Certified manufacturing plant, the company said.

“We built an idea that's about doing good together. To show that ‘clean’ doesn't have to be all about elbow grease and sparkly white floor — it's individual personalities, bold colors, vibrant factory workers, and a '90s track we all know and love,” Laura Wimer, creative director of Mekanism, said. “Method's "there's good inside" campaign showcases how we clean isn't just a reaction to a mess. There's a why to it—whether we're cleaning for loved ones, pets, a passion, or ourselves, we all aim to make the world a little bit better.”
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