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A conversation with CVS Health’s Angel Beasley

The executive talks about career, and managing a family business and personal wellness in the latest WE discussion.
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In the latest discussion from WE, an organization whose mission is empowering women to advance wellness, CVS Health executive Angel Beasley shared how she’s been able to step up and rise to new opportunities in her career, and in managing her personal wellness and her family business.

Beasley, DMM-executive director, merchandising-health & wellness at CVS Health, spoke with Andrea Fallin, founder of Strategy Concepts and a board member of WE.

Beasley served as a buyer for Walmart adult beverage, a trade marketing manager at Anheuser-Busch, but returned to Walmart as senior director of merchandising, haircare, before assuming her current position at CVS. 

She revealed how she has been able to “step up and rise” to new opportunities in her career journey, while running a family fitness business Beasy and managing personal wellness. She also touched on how to cope with depression and mental health, how to handle “imposter syndrome,” understanding the importance of mentorship and being collaborative and transparent within one’s organization.

In the conversation, Fallin asked Beasley how she knows when she’s ready for that next opportunity and what advice does she give people?

“There are two parts,” she said. “One, is that a lot of my transitions happened because of family choices, pregnancy and wanting a job that was not as stressful or demanding and needing to be home, work from home and having flexibility. I’ve had other moments where career moves were based on, I have the knowledge, the skillset so let me ask for what I want or deserve. Understand what you need at that moment while always looking at your future state. I am always looking at what is my overall visions for life and family. Does that fit into that or cause me to go into another direction.”

Were there any moves that scared you? Fallin asked.

Beasley acknowledged, ‘When I became a beer merchant, that role was scary. Going from being a support to the merchandising organization to owning the P&L. Having that responsibility was terrifying.  I spent a lot of time studying. I had a counterpart and we would lock ourselves in a room and go line for line. I spent time at night studying and did lot of prep on the job.”

To hear the entire interview, visit here.

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