Cutter intros Poison Ivy collection

Cutter Poison Ivy collection consists of Poison Ivy Wipes and Poison Ivy Spray Itch Relief.
cutter poison ivy group

Cutter wants to help consumers avoid uncomfortable experiences when outdoors, whether in the backyard or on the trail, or while camping or gardening.

The company is introducing its new Poison Ivy collection — Poison Ivy Wipes and Poison Ivy Spray Itch Relief — which can be used after suspected exposure to poison ivy, oak or sumac, according to the brand.

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Consumers can remove poisonous plant oil with the wipes, and the hydrocortisone itch relief spray aims to relieve uncomfortable itching.

Each pack of Cutter Poison Ivy Wipes contains a 12-count of individually wrapped wipes that fit easily into pockets, backpacks and any other outdoor gear.

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The no-touch and no-mess Poison Ivy Spray Itch Relief, which contains 1% hydrocortisone, is applied without having to be rubbed in or having the user directly contact the skin that has been exposed to poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac.

Consumers can find the Cutter Poison Ivy collection online at

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