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CVS Health's MinuteClinic to offer Video Visits in Nevada

With the addition of the state of Nevada, CVS Health's MinuteClinic Video Visits are now available in 49 states and Washington, D.C.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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CVS Health’s MinuteClinic is offering Video Visits for patients in the state of Nevada. The service is now available in 49 states and Washington, D.C.

Nevadans can now seek care for non-emergency, routine health care through MinuteClinic Video Visits, a telehealth offering. Video Visits are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be accessed via a mobile device or computer. Video Visits also are an effective screening option for people that may have COVID-19, enabling patients to talk with a health care provider and receive a basic screening to determine their risk for COVID-19, without having to leave home.

“Our MinuteClinic Video Visits are a convenient, affordable way for people to receive care for a variety of routine health care needs without having to leave home,” said Sharon Vitti, president, MinuteClinic. “The expansion of this service into Nevada enables us to introduce local residents to MinuteClinic with an on-demand telehealth option that provides the same evidence-based and high-quality care that people can expect when visiting a MinuteClinic in person.”

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Working collaboratively with Teladoc, the global leader in virtual care, and utilizing Teladoc’s technology platform, the service can be used to provide care for patients ages two years and older who are seeking treatment for a minor illness, minor injury, or a skin condition. Each patient will be matched to a board-certified health care provider licensed in their state, who will review the completed questionnaire with the patient’s medical history and proceed with the video-enabled visit.

During a MinuteClinic Video Visit, the provider will assess the patient’s condition and determine the appropriate course of treatment while following evidence-based clinical care guidelines. For patients who require a prescription as part of their treatment plan, the provider will submit the prescription to the patient’s preferred pharmacy. If it is determined the patient should be seen in person for follow-up care or testing, the provider will recommend that the patient visit a health care provider in their community, such as their primary care provider.

MinuteClinic Video Visits are an affordable option for people who do not have health insurance, with visits costing $59. Video Visits are also covered by most Aetna insurance plans. Patients can initiate a MinuteClinic Video Visit on MinuteClinic.com or from the CVS Pharmacy app.