CVS Health's MinuteClinic offers telehealth visits for routine care during COVID-19 pandemic

Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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CVS Health is tending to patients who need routine care during the COVID-19 pandemic. MinuteClinic, the company's retail medical clinic, is now offering expanded telehealth options to help patients access safe, affordable and convenient non-emergency care.

In addition to traditional in-clinic patient visits, patients are now able to select a virtual E-Clinic visit with a local MinuteClinic provider for a wide variety of routine health care needs. This new telehealth option is available in Wash., D.C. and the 33 states where MinuteClinic currently operates, and is contracted with most health insurance plans.

“We are in the midst of an unprecedented time in our country’s history, and we recognize that patients now need different ways to access care for their acute and chronic health care needs,” said Sharon Vitti, president of MinuteClinic. “Our new E-Clinic visits offer patients access to our qualified care providers for the care they need, in a format that enables them to follow important shelter-in-place and social distancing guidelines.”

MinuteClinic providers are available to evaluate, diagnose and treat common injuries, illnesses and skin conditions, and help manage chronic conditions, either in person or using E-Clinic. The new E-Clinic visit capability offers patients the opportunity to connect virtually with a local MinuteClinic provider via video conferencing on their personal mobile device or computer, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. local time. To connect with a MinuteClinic provider, patients can click here and request an E-Clinic visit.

MinuteClinic providers continue to see patients in-clinic by appointment and are taking temporary, appropriate actions to help support efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. For instance, MinuteClinic is no longer accepting walk-in patients and all patients will be pre-screened outside of the clinic to determine if it is the right site of care for their symptoms. To make an in-clinic appointment, patients can click here or use the CVS Pharmacy app.