Debrief Me offers reusable face masks

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Debrief Me offers reusable face masks

By David Salazar - 04/03/2020
Debrief Me's Epic X95 mask

Debrief Me is responding to consumer needs and demands for face masks during and after the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Brooklyn, N.Y.-based company, which calls itself the market leader in washable, reusable face masks and sells items in 26 countries, is marketing masks that include two PM2.5 filters that are designed to give further protections against dangerous pollutants and contaminants found in the air. The masks, priced between $14.99 and $24.90 each, come with the two filters.

“This is the same carbon filter materials used to make N95 disposable masks,” said Debrief Me CEO Matt Silver. “Masks are the new sunglasses. Everyone wants one right now, and we are leading the charge. Frankly, we saw this crisis coming. More and more people have breathing problems due to allergies or pollutants, and we knew demand for reusable and washable masks would be rising.”

Silver is quick to note that his products are not for occupational or surgical use. Still, he is confident that more consumers will look for masks, even after the pandemic concludes, and retailers will have an excellent opportunity to build sales and profits from the category well into the future. 

“As we come out of this mess, many top scientists are making it clear that people need masks to protect themselves from things as simple as the common cold and other illnesses,” he said. “The masks will protect against things getting into the air where they can stay for a while.”

He said the 10-year-old company has spent a lot of money and energy making sure the masks also are attractive and easy to use for consumers. “Everyone wants a mask that is comfortable to wear and is fashionable,” he said. The masks are made at three plants in China and in Brooklyn in FDA-registered facilities, he said.