Delsym launches Bring Comfort Home campaign

Delsym is creating meal kits featuring La La Anthony's family soup recipe and delivering them to 250 families throughout cold and flu season.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor

This cold and flu season, Delsym, a Reckitt brand, is providing families with a comfort meal kit with a new campaign. 

To launch the "Bring Comfort Home" campaign, Delsym conducted a nationwide OnePoll survey to learn more about what families experience when their household falls under the weather. 

Results show that sickness strikes households an average of 3X per year, with 61% of respondents saying that once the first symptom strikes, they have 48 hours or less before the rest of the family falls ill. Home-cooked soups, stews and pastas were among parents' favorite sick-day comfort foods, while children were more likely to prefer mac and cheese, toast and oatmeal. More than one-third of respondents admit that cooking is a responsibility that gets brushed aside once sickness strikes their household.

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Motivated by these insights, Delsym enlisted New York Times best-selling author, producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and mom, La La Anthony to share how she navigates cold and flu season in her householdstarting with her family's favorite sick-day meal, Puerto Rican Chicken Soup. 

"As we gear up for another cold and flu season, parents are looking for simple solutions to help them manage their household when cough symptoms start to make their way around the family," said Albert So, Marketing Director, Upper Respiratory Brands at Reckitt. "While Delsym is a simple solution for 12 hours of cough relief for both children (ages 4+) and adults, we know that parents crave easy and comforting remedies to help their entire family feel better. With a delicious and convenient chicken soup recipe kit delivered to your door, Delsym is here to help bring comfort home this season."

Consumers can sign up to win a Delsym Comfort Meal Kit, featuring La La Anthony's Puerto Rican Chicken Soup recipe ingredients, beginning Monday, Dec. 4, through Friday, Jan. 5, by visiting Winners will be selected and notified in early January. Terms and conditions apply.

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