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DiabetesWise Pro launches enhanced prescription tool

The online and mobile-friendly tool offers an updated resource for diabetes care professionals.

DiabetesWise is unveiling an advanced Prescription Tool for its DiabetesWise Pro website.

DiabetesWise Pro provides a free, unbranded and unbiased tool for diabetes care and other healthcare professionals to access as they develop customized care plans for their patients. The new Prescription Tool will help HCPs identify the best available diabetes device for their patients and assist in streamlining the prescription process through a search engine to show if preauthorization is required and which company distributes the device, the company said.

The CDC recently released the 2022 National Diabetes Statistics Report, which estimated that more than 1.4 million new cases of diabetes were diagnosed among people ages 18 and older in the United States. These newly diagnosed patients all require a customized care plan by their HCPs that can be implemented quickly. Providers often feel overwhelmed by the evolving diabetes technology and the steps necessary to effectively prescribe these devices. The company noted that the advanced Prescription Tool aims to address these concerns by providing an up-to-date guide for ordering devices based on the patient's insurance type.

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With this new resource, healthcare professionalsincluding primary care physicians, diabetes care professionals, endocrinologists and pharmacistswill have access to an integrated platform that allows for prescription and ordering support all in one place.

Prior to DiabetesWise Pro’s launch, providers were required to manually compare each device and their insurance coverage options, the company said.

The Prescription Tool asks the user to complete four quick steps by selecting the patient’s insurance type, device, state and insurance plan. Once selected, the site directs the user to a guide providing accurate, up-to-date coverage information allowing for a more efficient workflow and better outcomes when prescribing devices for their patients.

“The team at DiabetesWise understands how difficult it is to navigate all the options on the market, prescriptions and insurance companies,” said Korey Hood, founder of DiabetesWise. “This is why we have evolved our Prescription Tool software to arm providers with the information needed to develop the best-customized plan for their patients and improve access to diabetes technology.”

Providers can sign up for email updates on all FDA-approved devices on the market and their insurance coverage through the Prescription Tool. Additionally, providers will have access to resources, including guidance for coverage denial and summaries of all policies available.

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In connection with the Prescription Tool, the DiabetesWise Pro website also has an extensive Device Library with a Compare Device Tool, which displays a side-by-side analysis of the components and details of each technology based on the patient’s considerations. In addition, providers can read through educational resources by providers with the best tips, tricks and workarounds for diabetes technology.

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