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September 2023
This month's issue of DSN delves into the growing popularity of prescription discount cards among consumers, shedding light on their benefits and drawbacks. Our cover story explores how these cards, while offering savings, often come with hidden fees, and their partnerships with PBMs may impact profits, causing concern among retailers in the industry. Plus, take a look at the latest homeopathic offerings, and discover why many customers are putting their purchasing power into natural remedies. Also inside, check out the biggest key takeaways from DSN's inaugural beauty forum.

August 2023
In the latest issue, DSN closely monitors how pharmacy legislation is gaining momentum at both the state and federal levels, with crucial issues—such as PBM reform, cannabis, and scope of practice—on the horizon. Our new report tracks the top issues impacting the industry and shows which ones to watch. This issue also takes readers into the first aid aisle, highlighting innovations in wound care that focus on providing relief across various demographics. Plus, don't miss out on our latest Inside Beauty report uncovering men's beauty potential in the mass market. 

July 2023
In this month's issue, DSN unveils the pivotal role played by community-based pharmacies during the pandemic and highlights their efforts in reaching underserved communities and ensuring equitable access to healthcare. Plus, this issue also explores the crucial need for diabetes education amongst patients, as well as health innovations in women's self-care. Also, check out our latest Inside Beauty coverage and discover the buzzy ingredients pulling double duty in sun care products.

June 2023
In this issue, DSN examines the synergy between physicians and retail pharmacies—notably, how pharmacists can close gaps in patient care, improve health outcomes and cut costs during a time when accessibility to healthcare is crucial. Also, check out the latest trends from Inside Beauty, from the nail renaissance to sought-after ingredients in skin and bath care products. Additionally, don't miss the standouts from these pharmacy tech and automation companies helping pharmacists juggle their workloads.

May 2023
This month, DSN explores how traditional drug store retailers aim to become one-stop healthcare destinations amid competition from online players and others. Plus, Inside Beauty examines how leading chains are modifying their offerings to appeal to shoppers of all ethnicities. Also, check out the latest sweet trends in the candy aisles, especially as consumers continue to seek novelty and nostalgia.

April 2023
In this month’s issue, DSN puts the retail health ecosystem under the microscope and dives into the data to examine health care and pharmacy's intricate, multifaceted scopes. Plus, don't miss our special report breaking down the top OTC brands recommended by pharmacy clinicians. Also, check out our executive roundtable highlighting the trends and issues impacting the beauty industry.

March 2023
In this month’s issue, DSN spotlights the evolution of pharmacy since the shifting policy reforms of COVID-19. Also inside, the DSN Industry Issues Summit panelists share the best-practice tips to improve relationships between retailers and suppliers. Plus, check out the newest beauty, wellness and personal care products hitting the shelves, a Q&A with a beauty insider about the latest trends on the horizon and much more!

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