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Dollar General donates $50K to American Red Cross


Dollar General is looking to provide support to relief and recovery efforts following Hurricane Laura.

The Goodlettsville, Tenn.-based retailer announced a plan to donate $50,000 to the American Red Cross’ efforts, as well as launch the acceptance of in-store collections at its more than 16,700 locations through Sept. 11.

“Those impacted by Hurricane Laura remain in our thoughts, and as an extension of our mission of Serving Others, we are working to provide resources to the American Red Cross and help bring aid to those affected by the storm,” Todd Vasos, Dollar General’s CEO said. “We understand the aftermath of the hurricane coupled with the ongoing pandemic can add additional stress to the communities we call home. We are hopeful these funds can aid the American Red Cross in providing much-needed support for individuals and families recovering in its wake.”

For nearly two decades, Dollar General has partnered with the American Red Cross through corporate and in-store collections to support the organization’s recovery efforts and serve communities in need, the company said.

“We have remained in touch with our employees in Laura’s path to understand the storm’s impact and are ready to support our employees through funds provided by the Dollar General Employee Assistance Foundation. The communities impacted by Laura are resilient, and we stand together with our employees, customers and communities to respond to damage caused by the storm,” Vasos said.

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