Dr. Scholl’s debuts Instant Cool Athlete’s Foot solutions

Dr. Scholl’s is working with former head football coach and analyst Rex Ryan and surgeon Brad Schaeffer of TLC’s “My Feet Are Killing Me” on the launch of its Instant Cool Athlete’s Foot solutions.
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Dr. Scholl’s is teaming up with former head football coach and analyst Rex Ryan for the debut of its new Instant Cool Athlete’s Treatment Spray and Wipes.

In this role, Ryan will utilize his foot expertise to mentor the University of North Carolina football team with his “toe tips” on proper foot care.

“Two things are for certain: I know football, and I know feet,” Ryan said. “But the stigma around talking about feet has always felt so unnecessary to me. I’m excited to share my expert knowledge with these young Tarheels and help them step up their game, including tackling athlete’s foot with the help of Dr. Scholl’s.”

Further stacking the team, foot and ankle surgeon and star of TLC’s “My Feet Are Killing Me” Dr. Brad Schaeffer also will take the kickers under his wing, offering a professional perspective on athlete’s foot as a condition. With the help of both “coaches,” the UNC players will share their learnings and encourage others to finally put their feet first.

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“Playing sports at the collegiate level can lead to multiple concerns, including athlete’s foot, which can be grueling on the mind and body, said Schaeffer, who is with Sole Podiatry in New York City. “The warmth and dampness of locker rooms are breeding grounds for the fungus that causes athlete’s foot. So, treating quickly with Dr. Scholl’s Instant Cool Athlete’s Foot Solutions gives athletes and non-athletes alike instant cooling to minimize the physical and emotional discomfort that often accompanies the common condition.”

Key features of the new Dr. Scholl’s Instant Cool Athlete’s Foot Treatment spray and wipes include:

  • Itching and burning relief from tolnaftate;
  • Clinically proven to relieve and prevent athlete’s foot with daily use;
  • Added cooling versus current spray solutions with no powdery residue;
  • Easy to use and convenient — no need to touch feet;
  • Relief for cracking and scaling of skin on feet and toes; and
  • Full coverage with between the toe application

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“We are thrilled to partner with such an iconic figure in football to help us drive awareness and education about athlete’s foot and how to treat it,” said Kate Godbout, senior vice president of marketing at Scholl’s Wellness. “It’s important consumers learn to speak candidly about the condition and understand the benefits of ‘tackling’ it head-on with Dr. Scholl’s for instant relief.”

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