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McKesson aids customers and employees affected by Hurricane Michael

McKesson is offering assistance to meet the needs of customers, employees and communities impacted by Hurricane Michael and its aftermath.

McKesson said it has significant operations in the southeastern United States and has taken proactive steps to prepare for Hurricane Michael and its aftermath, despite how quickly the storm developed. McKesson has warehouse and distribution operations in the areas of impact, including Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, and more. To ensure service isn’t disrupted, McKesson said it has safeguarded all locations by providing satellite phones and backup generators to full operations throughout the storm. Employees from other U.S. facilities are always on standby to travel and support relief efforts as needed.

In addition, the company has coordinated with specialty couriers to plan for the eventuality of emergency shipments. Based on McKesson’s experience in disaster preparedness, the company has increased its on-hand inventory of medications, potable water, antibiotics, vaccines, insulin, dialysis equipment, and other supplies that are frequently needed following a storm at nearby warehouses and neighboring distribution centers.

Before Hurricane Michael made landfall, McKesson said its representatives were busy doing outreach to pharmacy, clinic and hospital customers in impacted areas to emphasize the importance of being prepared by, for example, ensuring they have sufficient inventory and critical medications on hand in case of road closures or unpredictable delivery schedules.

McKesson has activated the Get You to Safety grants, a part of the McKesson Taking Care of Our Own Fund. This grant is provided to McKesson employees who need to evacuate their residences during government-declared disasters. The grant assists employees with any evacuation-related costs such as food, water, shelter, clothing, transportation or medical assistance.

RelayHealth Pharmacy Solutions, a unit of McKesson, is participating in Healthcare Ready’s Rx Open. This network helps patients find nearby pharmacies that are open for business in areas impacted by disaster. For the patient looking to fill an essential prescription in or nearby affected areas, this tool could be critical. RxOpen works by combining multiple sources of information from across the industry– including RelayHealth –and using Google Maps to display open pharmacies in the impacted area.
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