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Even a year into virtual events, it can sometimes be the case that a virtual version of a typical event is unable to convey the same energy as the real thing. That is not the case with this year’s virtual NACDS Annual Meeting. In particular, the excitement that the organization’s new chair, Colleen Lindholz, managed to convey during Tuesday morning’s Business Program was palpable — even if it was missing the accoutrements that would typically accompany an NACDS Annual at The Breakers. 

Lindholz’s remarks successfully underscored the ways that NACDS brings various stakeholders together — many of them ostensibly competitors — to move the entire industry forward. 

That Lindholz takes the gavel with a message of strength in numbers is no surprise. Kroger — like much of the industry — was no slouch when it came to responding the pandemic. From hero pay and proprietary COVID-19 testing kits to free telenutrition and an extensive vaccine rollout, Lindholz’s strength the past year was knowing how to leverage the retailer’s scale both to its advantage and the advantage of its patients. So it makes sense that as she assumes the chair role, her message is focused on what the industry can do together.  

As she noted Tuesday morning, the past year has seen retail pharmacy make serious gains — in terms of scope of practice expansions and the fact that the country has seen just how capable the industry is at delivering health care under immense pressure — and now is the time to seize that moment, together. 

For myriad reasons, the next 12 months hold a lot of potential for the world and for retail pharmacy — like our readers, DSN is excited to see how Lindholz and NACDS help seize the opportunity. 

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