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EnlivenHealth’s patient-engagement solution aims to mitigate staffing shortages

EnlivenHealth’s personalized IVR is reducing phone interruptions by up to 15% and freeing up pharmacists, according to the company.

EnlivenHealth, the retail pharmacy solutions division of Omnicell, shared the customer results of its recently launched patient engagement solution — Personalized Interactive Voice Response. 

Customer results have been strong, including in the use of a Midwest community pharmacy that reduced its phone transfer rates by 15% after implementing the new technology, the company said. 

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Personalized IVR is a digital technology solution that automates patient communications and streamlines pharmacy workflows. It is intended to free up pharmacists to provide high-value clinical services that can improve patient health outcomes and drive revenue growth for customers.

“Our mission is to build and orchestrate advanced digital solutions that enable our pharmacy partners to focus on what really matters most – improving patient care and health outcomes,”  Danny Sanchez, senior vice president and general manager of EnlivenHealth, said.

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EnlivenHealth’s Personalized IVR is designed to help mitigate staffing shortages by reducing time-consuming administrative tasks and enabling pharmacists to practice at the top of their license.

Personalized IVR, a cloud-based voice technology, authenticates callers and provides immediate automated assistance, which is expected to minimize the time pharmacy staff spend on the phone answering questions about medication refills, pharmacy directions and hours of operation.

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“We are very pleased with the initial, real-world results of our new Personalized IVR solution and we believe it will help ease the growing pharmacy staffing shortage by reducing the constant interruptions that can keep pharmacists from focusing on patient care,” Sanchez said.    

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