Eosera debuts Nose Well nasal rinse

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Eosera is expanding the scope of products beyond its flagship line of ear-focused remedies. New from the Fort Worth, Texas- based supplier is Nose Well, a nasal rinse Eosera said is designed to help reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies and sinus congestion. 

Eosera designed Nose Well to use gravity to ease the process of nasal rinsing and make it a comfortable and efficient process. The product eliminates awkward rinsing positions typical of a neti pot or other nasal rinse systems and is designed with an ergonomically shaped bottle that comes with two nozzles — one for slow flow and one for regular flow. 

“NOSE WELL Nasal Rinsing System offers a unique rinsing experience,” Eosera CEO Elyse Dickerson said. “We tried and tested many types of nasal rinsing devices before developing what we think is revolutionary for the nasal category.”

Eosera said the product would be rolling out on its website, as well as on The product rollout has been accompanied by an instructional video, below, on the company’s YouTube channel.