In-Home Shopper Marketing Network

Free Research for Walgreens Suppliers

Get the latest information on their new In-Home Shopper Marketing strategy!

Walgreens has introduced a new Supplier Advertising network
that targets and reaches affluent shopper households around each store.

Its new In-Home Shopper Marketing Network allows Walgreens Suppliers to deliver marketing with near 100% view rates into Walgreens neighborhoods.

Download the OTX Results showing:

  • How effective this new Walgreens network is;

  • Which Walgreens shoppers it reaches;

  • Why this media is so efficient for Walgreens Suppliers to buy

Based on extensive interviews with 1,500 Consumers, this study provides information about how patented EcoHangers – the cool new media delivery product at the heart of this program are consumed by consumers in the home providing Walgreens Suppliers with an incredible retail media opportunity.

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