Fast Rx Transfer inks deal with Benasource Pharmacy Buying Group 

Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Fast Rx Transfer has signed a deal with Benasource, a newly formed Pharmacy Buying Group with nearly 60 retail pharmacy outlets.

Fast Rx will offer its patented one-way and two-way, cloud-based, prescription transfer solution to member stores. Benasource will adopt Fast Rx as a preferred prescription transfer supplier adding to its fast-growing network of digital suppliers backed by clinical evidence. 

“We measured Fast Rx Transfer for its safety, stability and platform speed against the existing, traditional process that our members use, which is typical of most pharmacies. We found that, not only did Fast Rx Transfer save each member significant time per transfer, the process was error-free, and efficient when transferring, or receiving prescriptions ‘into’ and ‘out of’ our pharmacy prescription dispensing queue; this, of course, was extraordinary,” said Vinesh Darji, Benasource president.

Darji continued, “Prior to Covid-19 it was taking our members an average of twenty- minutes for processing a prescription ‘into’ and ‘out of’ their pharmacy software. However, Fast Rx’s automated Fast Rx Transfer solution helped staff complete transfers in less than one-minute per transfer, you can imagine our excitement to roll it out across our member base.” 

 William Parker, Fast Rx CEO, said. "The partnership with Benasource is a testament to the hard work and commitment Fast Rx has delivered to pharmacists and the profession. We are excited to work with Benasource and to serve their members."

The deal was brokered by Rochester, N.Y.- based AshHealth.