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FDS, Amplicare launch Navigate online Medicare enrollment platform


FDS, a leading pharmacy technology company, and its subsidiary Amplicare, a provider of a decision-automation platform for healthcare providers, are rolling out Navigate, an online enrollment platform that enables pharmacies and patients to remotely collaborate on Medicare plan comparisons and enrollment.

Navigate leverages Amplicare’s proven and trusted plan comparison capabilities to showcase affordable plan options for patients in-network with their pharmacies as well as facilitate enrollment. The launch of the platform comes before Medicare’s annual open enrollment period, which begins Oct. 15, 2020, and at an increasingly crucial time for both senior patients and pharmacies as they together face new communication challenges during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The online nature of Navigate empowers pharmacists to expand Medicare consultations with eligible patients with a “digital first,” seamless experience without requiring physical and in-person contact.

The secure, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services-approved platform allows patients to review Medicare plans from the comfort and safety of their homes through any browser, enabling more effective and collaborative over-the-phone consultations. Navigate’s easy-to-use and intuitive display provides patients access to a personalized dashboard with accurate estimates of out-of-pocket costs as well as plan comparisons initiated by their pharmacist in Amplicare.

“The current pandemic has presented numerous challenges for Medicare beneficiaries who may be at higher risk of COVID-19 complications. Many of them are sheltering in place, physically distancing and avoiding public places. Navigate’s user-friendly interface creates an optimal online experience for Medicare plan comparison and seamless enrollment. This makes it easy for patients to understand their options and select the right plan from the safety of their own homes and for pharmacies to support their patients remotely,” said Matthew Johnson, chief pharmacy officer of the Amplicare division of FDS.

“Amplicare’s capabilities have always been focused on helping pharmacies better serve their patients and increase the profitability of their businesses. Navigate is an extension of that commitment. FDS and Amplicare have joined forces at the perfect time to provide a larger number of pharmacies with innovative solutions during Medicare’s annual Open Enrollment Period,” said Adam McMullin, CEO of FDS.

In addition to Navigate, Amplicare continues to offer its leading Medicare plan comparison platform to pharmacies during the annual Open Enrollment Period. The platform, which displays all plans available to the patient and pharmacy, recently added exclusive new features aimed at mitigating DIR fees and increasing pharmacy profitability. Other features include in-workflow notifications, formulary and physician lookup tools, and dedicated patient reports highlighting key opportunities for pharmacists.

These solutions are supported through an established partnership with trusted insurance broker HPOne that facilitates secure patient enrollment into Medicare plans. The partnership provides dedicated agents to assist patients with above-board service while maintaining the integrity of Personal Health Information and existing pharmacy-patient relationships.

FDS and the Amplicare subsidiary serve a combined network of over 15,000 pharmacies, providing proven, trusted and secure software to further pharmacists’ roles as critical healthcare providers in their communities.

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