Fresenius Kabi debuts smaller-dose fentanyl citrate injection

Fresenius Kabi’s fentanyl citrate injection, 50 mcg per ml, is the only 1-ml presentation available of the drug.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Fresenius Kabi is introducing fentanyl citrate injection, 50 mcg per ml, in its proprietary Simplist ready-to-administer prefilled syringe. This is the only 1-ml presentation available, according to the company.

Simplist Fentanyl ready-to-administer prefilled syringes come in Fresenius Kabi’s proprietary MicroVault packaging system that also supports secure dispensing of narcotics and reduces the opportunity for diversion. Because the syringes require no assembly, they streamline point-of-care preparation. The presentation reduces the potential for product waste and makes it easier for health care professionals to dispense the prescribed dose.

“The introduction of an exclusive smaller-dose fentanyl injection is an important expansion of our Simplist ready-to-administer prefilled syringe portfolio in line with our commitment to the secure dispensing of controlled substances for the safe delivery of drugs to patients,” said John Ducker, president and CEO of Fresenius Kabi USA. “We are proud to design, develop and introduce products and labeling that support the safe dispensing of controlled substances, and all products.”