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Fruth Pharmacy donates $10K to Bill O’Dell Legacy fund

The Legacy Fund was set up in memory of Bill O’Dell, director of the Putnam County Wellness Coalition, who passed away unexpectantly in 2019.
fruth pharmacy bill o'dell legacy fund

Fruth Pharmacy has donated $10,000 to kickstart the Bill O’Dell Legacy Fund, which was set up in memory of Bill O’Dell, director of the Putnam County Wellness Coalition, who passed away unexpectedly in 2019.

O’Dell worked tirelessly toward the greater good of the youth in Putnam County and surrounding areas for over 30 years. O’Dell focused his efforts on educating young adults about the dangers of addiction and the importance of education. Those who knew O’Dell, whether through friendship, work or his mentorship, describe him as passionate and selfless, the company said.

Lynne Fruth also is passionate about helping the youth in her community. Knowing the achievements and the countless programs that O’Dell enacted for the betterment of his community, she felt the need to honor his memory. The Fruth executive team decided helping the Legacy Fund get off the ground would be the perfect way to honor O’Dell’s achievements and continue his work.

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“I feel honored to be able to present this check to the Legacy Fund, Bill was a true leader and held to his conviction that to have great leaders and secure the futures of our children, we must step in and fill the gaps. Bill was passionate about the kids," Fruth said.

Jack Fruth, founder of Fruth Pharmacy, established scholarship programs that have provided more than $1 million to help young adults meet the cost of furthering their education. Following in her father’s footsteps, Lynne helped establish the Bridge of Hope Scholarship Fund that provides money for West Virginians in recovery to seek training or education beneficial to re-enter the work force.

Fruth Pharmacy also was among the first to replace single ingredient pseudoephedrine with a tamper resistant product, Nexafed, that cannot be manipulated and made into methamphetamine. Fruth and O’Dell share a passion for educating the children of their communities and helping end addiction.

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Bill’s wife Judy O’Dell and daughter Tina Shumaker were on hand to represent Bill’s family. Judy said, “We are honored and humbled by the recognition Bill has been given. Receiving this contribution towards continuing Bill’s work is the best way he could be honored. Thank you.”

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