Giant Food implementing one-way aisle traffic in stores

More and more precautions are being taken by retailers across the country as the COVID-19 epidemic continues.

Giant Food is yet another retailer taking things one step further by announcing that it will implement one-way aisle traffic across all of its stores in order to support social distancing and improve the flow of consumer traffic.

Arrow markers will line the floor, designating the traffic direction throughout the aisle, and associates will be available to point customers in the correct direction.

Signage also will be posted throughout, reminding shoppers to observe 6 ft. of distance from others, the company said.

“We are continuing to learn and adapt to the new ways of working during this challenging time and believe that these additional measures will allow us to further promote safe social distancing practices in our aisles to keep our customers and associates safe,” Ira Kress, interim president of Giant Food, said. “We will continue to look for ways to make shopping as safe and easy as possible to keep our doors open as we provide this essential service to our communities.”

In addition, Giant Food is joining other retailers in implementing a customer count limit in its stores. The occupancy will be limited to 20% of each store’s specific overall capacity, taking into consideration shelving and display fixtures, the company said.