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​​​​​​Giant releases community impact report

The report provides updates on the company's work to eliminate hunger, change children’s lives, heal the planet, support diversity, equity and inclusion and promote health and sustainability.

Giant is reflecting on the progress the company has made in promoting health and sustainability, in its first-ever community impact report, titled "Living Our Purpose in 2021."

The report provides updates on the company's work to eliminate hunger, change children’s lives, heal the planet, support diversity, equity and inclusion, and promote health and sustainability. All of Giant’s corporate social responsibility initiatives are centered around its purpose, Connecting Families for a Better Future, the company said.

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“Leading with our noble purpose, we are committed to making a difference in the communities we serve, with an overall objective to contribute to healthier people and a healthier planet,” said Nicholas Bertram, president of The Giant Co. “Our first community impact report highlights how far we've come, and how everything we do reinforces meaningful connections for families across our communities, with each action adding up to the better tomorrow we envision.”

A few of the major highlights captured in the report include:

  • More than 1,000 managers across the company completed inclusive leadership training and the company made nearly $300,000 in community donations to organizations focused on equity and inclusion;
  •  Committed to making a difference together, team members achieved more than 28,000 volunteer hours and raised more than $732,000 through the annual team giving campaign in 2021;
  •  In support of efforts to eliminate hunger, The Giant Company, its customers, and vendor partners donated $18.2 million in both financial and product contributions for hunger relief efforts; 
  •  As part of its focus around healing the planet and being a sustainable retailer, the retailer reported more than 293,000 metric tons of carbon offsets through our partnership with GreenPrint, recycled nearly 120 million pounds of carboard, rescued more than 850,000 pounds of food through Flashfood, and raised $2.3 million to fund organizations focused on the environmental initiatives; and
  •  To support local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, The Giant Company’s customers helped raise $2.5 million in support of changing children’s lives.

“The progress we’ve made would not be possible without the efforts of many, from our team members to our nonprofit partners to our suppliers and our customers,” said Jessica Groves, manager of community impact at Giant. “As we look to our 100th year, we will not rest when it comes to improving the lives of the people and communities we care for and serve. The opportunities ahead inspire us, and we remain as committed as ever to our team members, communities, and the planet.”

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