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Giant's dietitians kick off virtual classes in December to build holiday boards

Giant is kicking off free virtual well-being classes featuring festive board ideas throughout December.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor

Building fun and festive boards is one of the season’s biggest trends. The team of dietitians at Giant are ready to help make charcuter-easy for you this holiday season.

Here are tips from Giant’s dietitians:

  • Choose a variety of cheese. Include three to five different cheeses ranging from mild to bold flavors.
  • Mix up your meats. Charcuterie refers to “cold, cured meats,” so while you can’t skip the salami, add leaner options like chicken sausage.
  • Pick palate cleansers. Whole grain crackers, nuts and seeds add crunch and boost nutrition.
  • Slide in savory and sweet notes. Pack on the produce for a variety of colors and textures. Try different forms like fresh, dried or pickled to deliver unique flavor notes.
  • Finalize with fun and festive. Have fun with your creation by trying different themes or have everyone bring an item to build the holiday board together.

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Need a little inspiration to get started? Giant’s dietitians are teaching free, live virtual wellbeing classes throughout December featuring fun and festive board ideas. They include:

  • Dec. 5: Design a Candy Cane Caprese Board in the Produce Spotlight virtual class
  • Dec. 18: Build a Baked Potato Board in the Meal Solutions Monday virtual class
  • Dec. 21: Create a Holiday Board in the Holiday Entertaining virtual class
  • Dec. 27: Craft a Hot Cocoa Dessert Board in the Winter Mini Chef virtual class

For even more board tips, inspiration, and product picks from Giant's dietitians, visit online here for Giant and here for Martin's.   

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