GoodRx offers additional savings on nearly 200 medications at Walgreens

The lower prices offer added savings on many medications for heart disease, men’s health, mental health and more.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Walgreens storefront.

GoodRx is unveiling a new initiative at Walgreens to reduce prices on nearly 200 prescription medications by an average of 40%, with even greater savings available for select medications.

Consumers can now purchase many popular prescriptions at Walgreens for less than $15 for a 30-day fill, without any deductibles, restrictions, paperwork, approvals or quantity limitations.

The new lower prices include medications for many health concerns, including heart disease and mental health, as well as categories often not covered by insurance, such as acne, insomnia, men’s health and weight loss.

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“Americans shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to be able to afford their medications,” said Jim Sheninger, pharmacy strategy officer of GoodRx. “Walgreens has been part of our network since nearly the beginning, enabling us to offer their customers lower prices on the most commonly prescribed medications to make it even easier for people to save money. We believe everyone deserves affordable healthcare, and this initiative will help more Americans access the treatment they need.”

Now, for a limited time, medications are even more affordable for the millions of customers who visit Walgreens' nearly 9,000 retail locations every day.

GoodRx said it aims to make it easier than ever for Walgreens customers to save on prescriptions and adhere to treatment plans.

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To search prescription savings at Walgreens and compare prices, consumers can visit online here