Hale Health intros Hale 2.0 to meet increase in telemedicine use

Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Hale Health, a leading platform for remote care, is debuting Hale 2.0, which addresses the recent shift in demand for telemedicine amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The platform has been rebuilt from the ground up to simplify the user experience for providers and patients alike, optimize back-end services for scale and performance, and offer increased flexibility for providers through expanded features and improved pricing.

Hale 2.0 intelligently integrates with electronic health records; supports patient engagement through intelligent triage, messaging and health education; and connects to third-party devices to enable robust remote patient monitoring, the company said.

Today, Hale announced that it is further extending the platform by allowing access to developer APIs that can be leveraged by partners to support custom telemedicine workflows.

The new platform also includes Hale QuickVisits, a free and unlimited video visit solution that is immediately available for providers and clinical teams to treat their patients beyond the four walls of the clinic.

“Overnight, telemedicine emerged as a critical capability for every provider in the United States as COVID-19 forced doctors to close their offices and shift to virtual care,” said Anna Thomas, CEO and co-founder of Hale Health. “In March and April, Hale experienced an unprecedented surge in demand for our services and supported a 5,000% increase in video visits over the same period last year, but the story doesn’t end there. The pandemic has been a catalyst for long-awaited regulatory and behavior changes that will unlock the benefits of remote care above and beyond the impact of shelter-in-place restrictions.”

Millennium Physician Group, one of the largest independent physician groups in the country with more than 500 healthcare providers throughout Florida, has worked with Hale Health since 2017 to extend remote clinical services to their patients.

“When COVID-19 hit in March, we were required to migrate all of our care from an in-person to a virtual setting. Since fully deploying Hale’s video visit solution we have conducted over 80,000 visits on the platform,” said Jeff Nelson, CIO of Millennium Physician Group. “It’s critical that we look beyond simply offering video visits. We’re considering how the entire patient journey can be supported by a seamless remote care experience. Hale is differentiated from video-only options in that the platform works with existing systems and can enable a range of remote clinical interactions as our needs evolve.”

“At Hale, we have always believed that the future of remote care goes well beyond video visits,” Thomas said. “Solutions should complement in-office appointments, be multimodal, and support both continuous and acute care. We’re partnering with customers to support them for the long haul, and the release of Hale 2.0 is a meaningful step towards that goal.”