At-home COVID-19 test coming to 1,200 independent pharmacies via PPOk

Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Patients at more than 1,200 independent pharmacies across the country now have access to a saliva-based, at-home COVID-19 test from Wheeler Labs. The test has been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration under an Emergency Use Authorization.

The testing kit, which pairs at-home saliva collection with PCR testing, will be distributed nationally by Pharmacy Providers of Oklahoma.

“This kit makes simple, reliable COVID-19 testing more accessible to people who don’t live in a metro area or have easy access to a testing site,” said Jesse McCool, CEO of Wheeler Labs. “Providing access in the local pharmacies people know and trust makes critical health information more accessible, which will help slow the spread of this pandemic.”

The test will retail for $130. All patients need to do is go to a local pharmacy and request one from the pharmacist, who will be able to answer any questions. People are then free to take the test home and collect a sample using clear, easy-to-follow instructions.

The sample is then placed in a pre-paid FedEx overnight package and sent to Wheeler Labs’ CLIA-certified testing facility in Oklahoma City. Results are typically available within 24 to 48 hours of receipt at the lab.

Jeff Wallis, vice president of sales and marketing for PPOk, said the company hopes to make COVID testing available to people in smaller communities.

“No matter where people live, they deserve access to the latest medical technology,” he said. “Making this test available allows independent pharmacies to compete with the big box stores and increases consumer access,”  he said.

Wheeler Labs’ COVID-19 test kits can also be ordered online and shipped directly to homes, businesses, pharmacies, and clinics.