How CHPA is keeping up with the evolution of personal health care

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How CHPA is keeping up with the evolution of personal health care

By Scott Melville, CHPA - 07/02/2020

Since 1881, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association has represented responsible manufacturers of personal healthcare products. With a long heritage in OTC drugs, CHPA has evolved over the years, including expanding into dietary supplements in 1999. In 2020, CHPA will continue its evolution by adding consumer medical devices to its scope. This evolution will position CHPA as the only trade association representing companies that view self-care broadly, and that seek to provide consumers with a growing mix of personal healthcare options irrespective of regulatory distinctions.  

Whether helping regulators interpret cutting-edge science, partnering with lawmakers to craft sensible self-care policy, or educating consumers to safely choose and use personal healthcare products, CHPA is driven by a single goal: helping people pursue happier, healthier lives through responsible self-care. 

That’s why CHPA is continuing to evolve as we begin a new decade. We’re not only updating our scope of work, but we are also introducing a new brand identity, a new logo and new tagline — CHPA: “Taking healthcare personally.”

How CHPA is Evolving 
More than ever, today’s healthcare consumers are relying on a combination of OTC medicines, dietary supplements and consumer medical devices to get well and stay well. They don’t care about the regulatory distinctions. They just want safe, accessible and affordable products they can trust. CHPA is therefore evolving to meet their needs and those of our member companies, who view self-care more broadly than they have historically. We’re strengthening CHPA’s capabilities in each of these evolving self-care categories by dedicating staff, offering programming and putting structures in place to ensure CHPA is viewed as the leading voice of personal health care in America. We’re developing an agenda that will protect and promote self-care in the world’s largest market, and we’re going to be very aggressive about moving it forward.  

Why “now more than ever?”

We’re not only updating our scope of work, but we are also introducing a new brand identity, a new logo and new tagline — CHPA: “Taking healthcare personally.”

Today’s consumers are empowered — and incented — to seek solutions that keep them well, while also saving time and money. They are motivated by a healthcare system that places more costs on them, so they’re proactively taking ownership of their health. This is how health care is evolving in America, and CHPA is uniquely positioned to represent companies that want to help shape that future.

CHPA’s New Branding
CHPA’s new logo, a modern, vibrant and sharp wordmark, illustrates the association’s future-oriented outlook, as well as the energy and enthusiasm in the self-care industry. Additionally, CHPA’s new tagline communicates the growing importance of integrated self-care and the industry’s commitment to empowering consumers with safe and effective self-care options that they can trust.

How the Regulatory and Legislative Environment Affects Personal Health Care
CHPA’s rebranding coincides with recent major legislative victories that will further promote responsible self-care. Included in the recent CARES Act was a crucial modernization of the OTC monograph system, the regulatory framework that oversees most OTC medicines. This new law will enhance safety and lead to a new generation of OTC innovation.   

This new law also includes a provision to help millions of healthcare consumers save money in the near term by reinstating their ability to purchase OTC medicines with tax-preferred savings accounts, including Flexible Spending Arrangements and Health Savings Accounts. The measure also extends FSA/HSA eligibility for the first time to menstrual care products. These changes were made retroactive to Jan. 1 to provide immediate financial relief to self-care consumers.

CHPA also is working hard to shape the future of dietary supplements and consumer medical devices by seeking to enhance their quality and safety in both categories, while reducing compliance costs and promoting innovation.

Scott Melville is president and CEO of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association.