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iA announces Reseller Agreement with BD


Pharmacy automation company iA has inked a new agreement with BD. The company's Reseller Agreement with BD will result in the integration of BD’s Rowa Pouch Packaging Solution into iA’s Symphony Software platform, with iA serving as the exclusive distributor of BD’s Rowa Pouch Packaging Solution in specific market segments across the United States.

“We’re seeing unprecedented interest in pharmacy automation,” said Marvin Richardson, CEO of iA. “Across pharmacy, there is a real focus on patient care. We are working to take advantage of pharmacy automation to improve patient choice by providing patients with the ability to get their medications any way they want – in-store, at the drive-thru, via mail or express delivery to their home. Our collaboration with BD is an important step in ensuring that iA can work with our customers to provide for improved patient choice and convenience when it comes to prescriptions.”

“The BD Rowa Pouch Packaging Solution provides convenience and simplifies the at-home medication management process by creating patient-specific multi-dose packets. This exciting collaboration will extend the offering to traditional vial-filling pharmacies,” said Jason Strohm, vice president and general manager of Worldwide Dispensing for BD. “The BD Rowa Pouch Packaging Solution is a key offering in BD’s medication dispensing portfolio that is focused on simplifying pharmacy management and delivering the right care to patients, at the right time.”

iA will integrate its intelligent pharmacy operations platform, Symphony Software, with BD Rowa Pouch Packaging to increase efficiency through dynamic prioritization — adjusting workload and preparing inventory to optimize throughput, which the company said happens while offering control over every step of fulfillment.  

Through this collaboration, iA will be the exclusive U.S. distributor of the BD Rowa Pouch Packaging Solution in specific segments, enabling the expansion of iA’s offering by adding the leading compliance packaging solution to iA’s suite of pharmacy automation solutions. It also allows iA to further build upon how it currently works in partnership across pharmacies, including community, healthcare, retail, specialty, and federal pharmacies.

“In addition to improving patient choice, there is a real opportunity to provide more patient-facing care,” Richardson said. “A software-driven pharmacy automation solution can help pharmacy providers remove mundane tasks from the everyday lives of pharmacists. This opens up time for them to perform services such as COVID testing and vaccinations, immunizations, and consultations. I’m excited to work together with our customers to unleash the full potential of pharmacy.”


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