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iA® ’s Shared Central Fulfillment Solution

Innovation Associates
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iA® ’s Shared Central Fulfillment Solution drives innovation by increasing the availability

to centralized fulfillment options. Shared Central Fulfillment is a cloud-based solution

that enables pharmacy fulfillment owners to offer centralized fulfillment services to

multiple pharmacy partners from a single fulfillment center. iAs NEXiA® software, along

with iA®s advanced automation and robotics, now enables the ability to monetize excess

capacity while providing seamless operations across multiple pharmacy providers. This

solution allows prescriptions from multiple pharmacy management system feeds and

inventory separation.


To date, iA® has provided Centralized and Community fulfillment solutions that help

pharmacy providers improve profitability, increase efficiency, and increase customer

satisfaction by shifting filling activities away from front-line retail, health system, and

government pharmacies.


Now with Shared Central Fulfillment, more pharmacies have more access to solutions

that help improve workflow, efficiency, and ultimately frees up pharmacists to spend

more time providing quality care to patients.


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