Denture care brands use TV to get a grip on consumers

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Denture care brands use TV to get a grip on consumers

By TS Kelly, Alphonso - 11/19/2018
I brush my teeth twice a day. I floss too. I also go for regular check-ups with my dentist. This is all in an effort to maintain good dental care — and keep my teeth in top condition. But, even with preventive care, our teeth and gums deteriorate with age.

Between an aging Baby Boomer generation base of 79 million in the United States and greater life expectancy, it is no surprise that Market Research Future predicts that the need for dental prosthetics will increase exponentially over the next few years. What are P&G’s Fixodent, GSK Consumer Healthcare’s Polident/Poligrip, Prestige Brand’s Efferdent, and Combe’s Sea-Guard doing to ensure that they are secure in the minds of consumers?

According to Alphonso TV data, Fixodent unquestionably took the largest bite of the denture care brands’ television spend in October. The adhesive spent $1.2 million against one piece of creative—a commercial for its Ultra Max Hold product that featured the brand’s catchy slogan: “Fixodent and forget it!” Networks such as TLC, Investigation Discovery, TV Land, and Lifetime Movies were included in the buy, with shows that ranged from “My 600-Lb. Life,” and “Unsolved Mysteries” to reruns of “M*A*S*H” and “A Haunting” garnering the most airings.

GSK Consumer Healthcare spent a little less than half that amount on TV advertising for its Polident and Poligrip line of products, with the lion’s share of budget going to National Geographic Wild and Fox Business. True crime was similarly in the show mix, this time with “Forensic Files” airing, the majority of the brand’s series of ads for its adhesive and cleaning solutions. The reward for spending on murder and mayhem? Over-indexing on reach to the 50-plus viewer.

SeaBond took another tact to get to the older audience, with a major part of its October TV investment of $226K being made on GSN and the game show “Family Feud.” Pick an answer? 50-plus!

In sharp contrast, Efferdent just purchased nearly $73K for television advertising in October, with daytime TV on CBS and the CW landing the biggest piece of the pie.

Except for P&G’s Fixodent, it is clear that TV dollars are low among denture care brands. But, let me give denture adhesive and cleaner marketers something to chew on: TV is a proven vehicle for reaching older audiences, and as the need for dentures increase, so will the fight for market share — and TV ad time — that reaches the target consumer.

TS Kelly of AlphonsoTS Kelly is senior vice president of research for Alphonso, a TV data company that provides real-time TV campaign analytics, one-to-one TV ad retargeting, and closed-loop attribution for brands and agencies. In his role at Alphonso, Kelly deep dives into television data and insights, giving clients guidance on how to optimize their TV spend.